Winning the ABC Award!

Hello, all! I was amazingly given another award, one that I have no previously won, called the ABC Award. ABC standing for Awesome Blog Content. Yay! I was nominated by the incredible Stationdeva.


But with every award, there comes a list of things I must do, this time it’s an unusual request. For every letter of the alphabet I have to write a word that relates to me somehow and then explain how it does. Some of the letters I knew straight off, some I could barely think of a word that would fit and some there were too many words that I could use. So without further ado, here it go, me from A to Z 🙂

Amanda – My first name. That’s right, it isn’t Mandarox 😛 Amanda is Latin and means “worthy of love”. I actually really like my name, it’s not too common and not so uncommon that no one knows how to spell it. It’s just right in the middle.

Books – Although I haven’t been reading as much as I would have liked to recently, I do really like reading. Especially, classics books. Not e-books, but the original, books.

Cape Conran – This was the best camp I have ever been on and my first ever university camp. It took place in Cape Conran National Park which is a coastal park on the far East tip of Victoria. I will say it again; best camp ever.

Doctor Who – I love this TV show, and yeah I only started watching it a few short months ago, and yet I feel my obsession and love for the show growing.

Environmental Science – This is the course I’m doing at uni at the moment; Bachelor of Environmental Science (Wildlife and Conservation Biology). That’s definitely a mouthful. I’m in my second year, this year.

Food – I think this is fairly self-explanatory. Food is the best, especially the good stuff.

Geek – This was a pretty tricky letter but I think this word fits me pretty well. I love being weird and different, and to be called a geek is a huge compliment to me.

Harry Potter – A lot of people say that Harry Potter was their childhood but it wasn’t really mine. I watched the movies the moment they came out but didn’t actually read the books until I was in high school. I almost instantly fell in love with them. Harry Potter plays such a large role in sculpting my love of the fantasy genre and is still my no.1 favourite book series.

Joking – I would have put this under H for humour but it was already taken. I have a really good sense of humour, in fact, one of my high-school teachers nicknamed me Laugh-a-Lot because I laughed so much in class. I’m a fan of witty humour mainly.

K**** – This is the first letter of my surname which for privacy reasons I’d rather not disclose but I couldn’t leave off this list because it’s pretty important (that and ‘K’ is another tricky letter 😛 )

London – This is the city that I am most desperate to visit at the moment. The moment I get the money to…

Melbourne – The city I was born in and still live in today. Melbourne’s the only home I’ve known. It’s my home city.

Nature – I’m what many people would call a tree-hugger so nature definitely deserves to be on the list. It’s the very reason why I’m doing environmental science. To just be completely surrounded by nature is one of the best feelings in the world. I really love it.

Otter – This is the animal I think I am most like.

Patch – I have a pet cat, her name is Patch and she’s three years old. We’ve had her for just over a year and adopted her from an animal shelter, her last owners gave her up because they didn’t have enough time for her. I may be a bit bias but I think she’s the best cat 🙂 This is her:

Quiet – When people first meet me I’m really quiet and shy. I find it pretty hard to talk in a group of people I don’t know, especially when they already know each other.

Resiliant – I’d like to think I’m fairly resilient to most things, but i don’t know how true that it.

Science – I have a love of science, more specifically biology (but B’ was already taken). In high school, biology was one of my favourite subjects and I feel like I can apply it to everyday life. I’m definitely more of a science person than a humanities person.

Tiger – My favourite animal. They’re just so strong and powerful when they’re adults and so cute and adorable when they’re cubs. Their  coat pattern is stunning and I just think they’re beautiful creatures.

Umpire – My first ever job was umpiring netball, and I still do it today. It’s awesome when a hobby turns into a job 🙂

Vet – When I was little, the first thing I wanted to be when I grew up was a veterinarian. As I got older that changed until I was about 16 when I wanted to be a vet again. But I really don’t like maths methods so I didn’t do it which meant that I couldn’t become a vet, which is fine now.

Writer – I love writing without limits. When there aren’t any constraints or rules. Writing just for the sake of writing. whether it’s a story, or a review, or a rant. I love writing.

Xxxx – This one was really tricky, but I think I should use this letter to show my distaste of swearwords. It works with x because an ‘x’ or a ‘*’ is often used to blot out letters. It’s a stretch but I’m going with that 🙂

Young – I’m definitely young as far as my age goes, and yet I can be even younger at heart (especially when I’m hanging around with people younger than me). Despite this, sometimes I feel a lot older than I actually am, which can be a good or bad thing.

Zany – I’m a little crazy at times. Especially when I have a laughing fit. Sometimes I just act a little weird and do weird things. You could say I’m a little zany.

That was definitely a lot harder than it should have been. Yeah, I think I’m definitely in a writing drought at the moment. But soon the rains will come and it’ll come back to me, hopefully. 🙂


4 thoughts on “Winning the ABC Award!

  1. Elaine says:

    I fellow Whovian! ❤ Eeep, I'm so thrilled to see how the new companion fairs to the Ponds!

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