Liebster Blogger Award

Yay! The categories of “Awards” is now accurate, because this is my second award! ๐Ÿ˜€ I was nominated for this award by JustOneMonkeyTyping, who is an awesome blogger whose blog you should check out right now! So, what award is this new post for? The Liebster Blogger Award, for all those with blogs with less than 200 followers (which I can easily put myself in the category of).

As it turns out, I’ve already done what this reward requires in another post, without actually receiving the award.. hmm. However, there is now a new set of questions I must answer. So sit back, relax, and learn more about your fellow blogger.

1. If you could play any musical instrument, which would you choose?
I already play a musical instrument, the trombone! And I love it! I wouldn’t choose to change it for any other instrument. It’s unique, like me (I was the only trombonist in my school for almost the whole time I was there). And it’s really helped me to learn more about the great bass clef.

2. What is your favourite city and why?
I’d love to visit London, to see everything Sherlock Holmes and Harry Potter related! Therefore, London is the city I most want to visit, and could become my favourite city at some point. But of course, I can’t go past my home city Melbourne, which will always be very dear to me. It’s not really special in any way, we don’t have amazing beaches, or cool volcanoes, or the tallest buildings, or the most modern streets. I just like it for what it is. Mainly, I think, because I know it.

3. As a child, who was your idol and why?
I never really had an idol. I admired the characteristics of different people, usually my friends and family, but never really one person. I still feel the same way now. I admire JK Rowling’s writing skills, some of my friends’ compassion and the like. But I don’t admire a single person for everything. Everyone makes mistakes and nobody’s perfect, so I don’t want to see them as such.

4. What is your least favourite word and why?
The F-word and the C-word. I really don’t like swearwords, and these ones are the worst. They’re just really vile and make people sound stupid. When people say them, I just try to ignore it and act like nothing’s wrong, but I’m really cringing on the inside (and on the outside too sometimes). I have to admit though, I do like translating the swearword to their original meaning and having a good laugh at people’s statements.

5. Your house is burning down and you have to evacuate immediately. Which three items do you take with you?
Not counting pets (because I don’t classify them as items), probably my USB, scrapbook and… I don’t know. My scrapbook because I’ve spent so much time and it and it contains things I can’t replace. My USB because it just has everything electronic on it that I need. The third object I really don’t have any idea about. It would probably just be the closest thing to me at the time.

6. If you could invite anybody in the world to lunch, who would you take and why?
Ooh, tricky. Probably JK Rowling so I could ask her all the questions about Harry Potter and her new book that I want to know. I’d also ask her about her inspirations and how she avoids writer’s block.

7. What is your honest opinion about Harry Potter?
I LOVE it! It’s my favourite series.

8. Beatles or Rolling Stones?
I’m not a massive fan of either, but I’d have to say The Beatles.

9. What is your favourite smell?
The smell of the Australian bush. Fresh air and eucalyptus.

10. If you had an extra room in your house, what would you use it for?
Probably as a storage/show-off area to put all my beanie kids, Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings memorabilia. And all my books.

11. Hereโ€™s a tough one for you. If you could ask any person, living or dead, one question and get a completely honest answer, who would it be and what would you ask?
I would ask Jesus if he really was God. Tough question, tough answer.

Well, that was fun, and difficult at the same time. I hope you enjoyed yourselves! ๐Ÿ™‚ How would you guys answer these questions?


2 thoughts on “Liebster Blogger Award

  1. Great answers. I thoroughly enjoyed reading them! Trombones are pretty cool, although if I could play any musical instrument (other than violin), I would definitely choose the piano accordion. London is an incredible city and I completely agree with your reasons for wanting to visit the city. Potterheads unite! And I would totally take JK Rowling out to lunch if I had the opportunity. She is an incredibly talented, creative and inspiring woman! Again, awesome post! ๐Ÿ™‚

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