Let Me Tell You About Homestuck (Homestuck Review)

The reason I haven’t posted much (aside from the fact that I’m lazy and have had a bit of writer’s block) is because I started reading this webcomic called Homestuck. Not many people have even heard of it, let alone read it, and I only heard about it because of its vague and peculiar mentions on Tumblr. After reading a short synopsis I decided that it sounded interesting and thought I should give it a try. So as I was reading it (and procrastinating on my blogging) I thought “I should write a post about Homestuck!”. Although I’ve said this is a review, the ambiguous title implies that this is going to be more of an explanation/rant about it. You should listen to that title.

First off, I should probably mention that Homestuck is free to read at: mspaintadventures.com. It’s written, drawn and was created by Andrew Hussie. But I’m getting a little ahead of myself, I should probably explain what a webcomic is. It’s pretty much an online comic that uses a variety of different medias (from text, to gifs, to pictures). It’s kind of hard to explain, so hard to explain in fact that when I first starting reading it I didn’t know what adjective to use (reading/playing/watching). The first page was written on the 13th of April 2009, and has been updated almost every day since to create a webcomic that is over 6000 pages and is still growing. It is split up into a series of Acts, although these Acts are all different sizes and can sometimes have more Acts within them (for eg. Act 6 Act 5 Act 1).

The first page of Homestuck

To be blunt, Homestuck is easily the most confusing things I have ever read, and it doesn’t start making sense until Act 5. Act 1 in itself is pretty slow, and kind of dull. I think that might be one of the reasons why it doesn’t have a massive fanbase (at least here in Australia). To read Homestuck and fully appreciate it you have to look past all the confusion, because it just doesn’t make much sense. You have to have an active imagination to look through the simple conversation text and pictures to understand the characters because there isn’t much narration in itself. But once you get into it, the storyline just turns so epic.

Wow, I just realised that with all this rambling I haven’t even mentions what Homestuck is actually about! It’s hard to do without giving away any spoilers but basically, it begins with a boy named John Egbert on a day that just so happens to be his thirteenth birthday. I guess it’s a sci-fi, if that helps. But I literally can’t think of anything else to say about it that won’t spoil at least one aspect (that synopsis I mentioned pretty much ruined the punchline for the first few Acts for me which is why I won’t be repeating it).

The webcomic is usually set up in the format of one gif or image per page, accompanied with a slab of chat log, a short narration or no words at all. Hussie does occasionally shake it up a bit though, by sometimes giving the reader the option to choose which part of the story they want to read next. There are also some pages that consist of a video and others that are actually games where you can move the character etc. It really is mixed media.

My favourite thing about Homestuck isn’t the webcomic in itself but the fans. A lot of the time a fandom usually adds to a show/book but can also have a lot of hate and even cause you to have negative feelings towards it. But Homestuck was written for, by and about the internet generation. It’s meant to have an internet fandom where people can share and discuss it.

There’s a bit of music actually in Homestuck (usually in the videos) but there is also additional music in the albums. Here’s a taster; it’s a few songs that have been put together and used on one page to tell a pretty big part of the story. This YouTube clip only has the music though because the video would have spoilers:

Rating; 4/5 stars


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