Public Transport Protocol Rant

Public transport is bad enough, always been late or early (whichever one you don’t want), never coming often enough or just being crowded. Despite this, I think most people can say that the worst part about public transport is when people don’t follow the unwritten rules.

1. No sense of personal space
I’ve been on trains and buses where almost every seat is empty and yet people decide to sit right next to you. Why? I have no idea, but it’s completely unnecessary and frankly, it’s an invasion of personal space. I mean, if the train is full, fair enough, fight your way to that one empty seat, but don’t next to someone when there are loads of other free seats.

2. Seat hogs
These are people who take up more than one seat with bags etc, even when they’re forcing someone to stand. This is just greedy, why take up more seats then you need to, especially when it means that another person can’t sit down because of it? It’s just being a bit selfish. I mean, yes, we’d all prefer to have a spare seat next to us, but sometimes we have to make sacrifices for the sale of other. Just put your bag in your lap or on the floor, it’s not that big a deal.

3. I’m not actually disabled
This is another type of seat hog and a rule that people that are supposed to obey. On every form of public transport, there is always a special section for the disabled, elderly, ill or pregnant. The rule is that anyone can sit there, but the seat must be vacated when one of these people need it. One of my friends recently dislocated her knee and was in crutches, yet sometime people just didn’t give her a seat. This kind if behaviour is just disgraceful, especially when it’s a rule. It should really be something that people do out of common courtesy.

4. Noisy passengers

These people come in two types; noisy talkers and really loud music. Talking on public transport is fine, whether it’s to a friend or on the phone, there’s nothing wrong with it. Except when it’s really loud. I mean so loud that it disrupts other passengers. Sometimes I find it’s more of a fear thing than something annoying. Especially when you get loud and (seemingly drunk) people piling onto the train with you. Then there are people with super loud music. I understand that bad headphones are going to have a bit of sound leakage, but I’ve been in circumstances where it’s just¬†ridiculous. For example, once I was talking to a friend on the bus and there was a guy behind us listening to music on his over-ear headphones. The problem; the music was so loud we actually had to raise our voices to hear each other. I don’t understand how the music wasn’t too loud for him. It was just crazy.

So the next time you use public transport, don’t be one of these people. Follow those unwritten social rules of society, and just hope that your fellow commuters follow them too.


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