Little Inferno Game Review

I saw a “let’s play” of this game on YouTube and thought it looked pretty good, so I decided to get it. For $10 it was well worth it. The trailer for Little Inferno is below:

Little Inferno starts out looking like a game for a little bit of mindless fun. Buy toys, burn them in your Little Inferno Fireplace, make money from said burnt toys and buy more toys. Each toy reacts differently when burned, which is a part of the enterntainment. Plus, burning stuff is fun! Warning; do not play with fire IRL.

But behind the cheerful enjoyment of burning stuff, there is something more sinister occurring. Throughout the game you receive letters from the Weather Man, Miss Nancy and mostly, from Sugar Plumps. These letters, as well as containing useful information on LittleInfernoCominghow to play the game and just for general entertainment, also contain subtle clues to the darkness that is actually occuring. For example, there is something more dangerous than fire… But this leads to an ending is that it is very anti-climatic. There’s a constant building of tension, but it falls flat, with lots of unanswered questions and unexplained clues. The ending is a huge disappointment, and really brought down the rating of the game.

Another issue with the game is the very short amount of gameplay. In about three to four hours, you could have the game completed and in just a little longer that could include having found all of the combos as well. It is a cheap game so you wouldn’t expect it to be as long as some others, but I would have liked it if it were longer.

One of the things that I do really like about this game is that there are no points, no countdowns, no levels, no timers. There’s no rushing around or anything. In fact, the only way to measure how you are going in the game is to get the cryptic, puzzle, combo achievements and to buy to catalogues. That’s it. As far as specifications go, it doesn’t need much to run well. My laptop is pretty annoying, as it can play Team Fortress 2 flawlessly but can’t run Minecraft without glitching like mad. Because of this, I’m usually pretty worried about how a game will run on it, but Little Inferno runs perfectly.

Little InfernoIt’s also unusual to other games because you use your mouse for everything, literally. This makes the controls really easy, but I’d recommend that you use an actual mouse to play it rather than a laptop track-pad.

Different people play the game differently and for different reasons. For example, I was mainly focussing on trying to get as many combos and I could, whereas my friend was just taking pleasure out of burning stuff and seeing how each object reacts when being

As far as the animation goes, it’s really cute. It’s not trying to be realistic or anything. It’s just adorable! It reminds me a bit of Tim Burton’s animation style.

The music (by Kyle Gabler) is generally very subtle, but it works very well to set the mood. Most of the time it gives the game a cheery and warm feel, but at times it very successfully gives the game a cold, creepy, and at times, sad mood.

Game Console: PC and Wii U

Music: 4/5

Graphics: 4.5/5

Gameplay: 4/5

Controls: 5/5

Rating; 3.5/5 stars


3 thoughts on “Little Inferno Game Review

  1. beau says:

    Might I add, minecraft is annoying because it runs through a Java compiler…. long story short, its like running a computer through a computer with a game in the foreground. Even my super computer has problems with minecraft from time to time, as well due to it being a laptop the Graphic ram would be rather lacking which would add to its unsatisfactory play style.

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