Vampire Diaries (Season 2) TV Show Review

I’d seen half of this season before, so half of it was a re-watch but the rest of it I was watching for the first time, so had no idea about. Except one big spoiler that occurs in the second last season that I accidentally found when researching the actors for the season one Vampire Diaries review. I hate spoilers, and speaking of, a warning that this post may contain spoilers. I usually try to avoid them but i post the warning just in case there is one. I don’t think I’ve ever actually explained that before. Anyway, onto the review.

In a word: intense.

This is the season had parts so sad that I almost couldn’t cry. Parts that made me angry, parts that made me laugh. It was an intense Vampire Diariesseason, and a good one too. It made me feel every emotion. It always kept me on edge and sometimes it surprised me so much that I had to sit back and let it all sink in or just think ‘wow’. This was mainly due to the story line but there were other factors as well.

It was a great season for character development, especially for Damon Salvatore. We saw his struggles in season one and in season two, we saw him having to desperately decide on what he was going to do and what side he was going to take. In this season I felt far more pity for him than previously, and could actually see the human parts inside him. We see the same thing for Jenna as well. She’s never been a major character, and isn’t in this season either, but we learn more about her as a person than we have previously.

The whole season was fast-paced, unlike the last season where the pace varied. It always kept you on your toes. There was also a lot more happening, a lot more of a storyline and each episode was chock-a-block full of plot.

It also really showcased the brilliant acting skills. There were several actors who had to be more than one person, while looking exactly the same. They did this so well that you tell exactly who they were when you were supposed to, and yet couldn’t tell who they were when you weren’t supposed to. This is one of the reasons why I like fantasy and sci-fi. They find ways to best exploit the ability of actors, showing off their skills more than they would be able to in just a normal story.

The music was generally the same as the previous season, a lot of everyday pop music mixed in with the score. The only problem with it is that the score starts to become a bit repetitive  It hasn’t really changed at all from the last season and the same songs seem to play over and over again. However, it might just seem this way to be for me because I watched the episodes one after the other.

Favourite character/actor: Damon Salvatore (Ian Somerhalder)

Least favourite character/actor: Tyler Lockwood (Michael Trevino)

Favourite scene/episode: The Sun Also Rises

Least favourite scene/episode: By the Light of the Moon

Rating; 4/5 stars


2 thoughts on “Vampire Diaries (Season 2) TV Show Review

  1. beckyday6 says:

    Love Vampire Diaries and love season two! 😀

    Great review.

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