Doctor Who (Season 2) TV Show Review

I watched this season directly after season one, and was very excited to see how the new Doctor would compare to the previous one. Warning that this post may contain spoilers.

Doctor Who series 2 This season was released in 2006 with Russell T Davies continuing as head writer and executive producer. Mark Gatiss and Steven Moffat stayed on as writers and were joined by Toby Whithouse and Matthew Graham. It was directed by returning directors James Hawes, Euros Lyn, Graeme Harper, Ashley Way, Dan Zeff and James Strong. All episodes were produced by the returning Phil Collinson and executive producer Julie Gardner.

There aren’t many TV shows that I can watch one episode after the other and resist the urge to skip over the opening credits. With Doctor Who however, the opening credits along with theme song is the part that I’m waiting for. And whenever I watch it, it always brings a smile to my face. The one downside of these credits is that they seem a little old-fashioned, like they are from a 70s show, but I don’t care. I still love them and is just brings a bit more of a science fiction feel to the show.

While it took a little while to get used to, I think that David Tennant pulls off the Doctor really well. While the essence of the character he plays is the same, there are a few small differences, differences that I really like. He’s a great actor and I really enjoyed watching him in this role. Christopher Eccleston was was first Doctor, but after this season I would have to say that Tennant is my favourite. I also really like the relationship between the Doctor and Rose, and how it progresses during the season.

I think the standard of this season continues to increase from the end of last season. The first few episodes of season one seemed to be just the writers and directors getting on their feet and figuring out what works. There was none of that at the start of this season however, it started off well and continued to have a high standard of episodes. I can easily see how this show could become an obsession. There are some shows that I just couldn’t imagine people becoming obsessed with, even if they love it, but Doctor Who is Doctor who the doctor and rosenot one of them. I don’t know what it is about it. I’d say it’s because it’s so cool, but it’s not really. Maybe it’s because it’s classified as one of those so-called ‘nerdy’ and ‘geeky’ shows that makes it so popular and awesome. Which isn’t a bad thing either. I love a show that is more than just a TV show. It means that there is so much more to experience while and after watching it.

The one thing I was very surprised about with the show in general, was the humour. Single sentences and witty lines that are usually said in some of the most serious times that just instantly lift the mood and make the viewer laugh. I really didn’t expect this before I starting watching the show. I expected it to be a completely serious show but was pleasantly surprised.

I love how emotional the show is. I found myself crying (if only a little bit) every two or three episodes. Then there is the season final. It was so sad and intense. I felt like my heart was being ripped from my chest. Other Doctor Who episodes had brought me to tears before but this one just crossed the line and tore me apart. I both loved the final for how well it was done, and yet hated it for making me feel the way it did. It would definitely be on the list of saddest moments in television history. A brilliant ending for a brilliant show.

The music seemed to be a little different in this season, written once again by Murray Gold. Not the starting theme, but the music used throughout each episode. More emphasis seemed to be put on it, which I liked, and yet it still suited the show just as well as it did in season one. It was the reason why a lot of the episodes were as motive as they were, especially the final. This song in particular really helped to set the scene for the final:

Favourite character/actor: The Doctor (David Tennant)

Least favourite character/actor: John Lumic (Roger Lloyd Pack)

Favourite episode: Doomsday

Least favourite episode: Love and Monsters

Rating, 4.5/5 stars


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