Doctor Who (Season 1) TV Show Review

Just to confirm, this is a review of the series that aired in 2005, not the one that aired in 1963. I’ve been urged to watch this show for ages, and was previously turned off by the bad CGI. However, the fans of the show didn’t relent and I found out that the writers of Sherlock were also writers of Doctor Who. So eventually I gave in and decided to watch the show. Warning that this post may contain spoilers.

This season of Doctor Who aired in 2005 and was directed by Keith Boak, Euros Lyn, Joe Ahearne, Brian Grant and James Hawes, and written by Russell T Davies, Mark Gatiss, Robert Shearman, Paul Cornell and Steven Moffat. I was surprised by the number of people writing the show and noticed that each writer has their own unique style. The Doctor was played by Christopher Eccleston and his companion Rose Tyler way played by Billie Piper.

To be honest, while I did enjoy the first season, it started out not being as good as I heard it was. The only reason I wanted to watch the first season at all was to get enough background so I would understand the future seasons which I heard were better. This season was a bit disappointing until one episode; Father’s Day. All the episodes before it were just average, but this one really stood out and showed me how good the show could actually be. That was when the episodes starting to improve massively. When they went from being, ok, to good, to great. This great caliber of episodes continued until the end of the series and I began to see how I could become a huge fan of the show.

While the storyline is usually good, it’s always a little predictable. There are parts of it that I just didn’t see coming (mainly because it involved alien species I never knew existed), but the ending doesn’t really stretch my imagination like I expected this show to do. The second half of the season was a bit less predictable which may be one of the reasons why I think it’s much better than the first. However, even in the first half of the season, there isn’t so much predictability that I couldn’t enjoy the show. It wasn’t anywhere near as predictable as something like a soap opera.

The acting was done well by both of the leads and the supporting characters. I didn’t find any of the acting to be outstanding, but it was believable which is what is trying to be achieved. As far as the CGI went, it was below average but I didn’t really notice it that much because I was focussed on the story. I now think that I was wrong to judge the series on it’s CGI when it’s actually an insignificant part.

The music, composed by Murray Gold (based on the original theme by Ron Grainer) is just so… sci-fi. I can’t think of another word to describe it. It’s not what I would usually call good music but it’s unique, catchy and different. I think that music should represent the show/movie that it’s used in and this is extremely true of Doctor Who. It just works. Here are the opening credits to an episode in this season:

Considering that I only watched this season to gain background information, I was very happy with what I got from it instead. In fact, when the ninth doctor regenerated, something I was waiting for from the start, I was sad that I wouldn’t see him again. He made a pretty good impression for the short period of time that he was in the show.

Favourite character/actor: The Doctor (Christopher Eccleston)

Least favourite character: Adam Mitchell (Bruno Langley)

Favourite episode/scene: Father’s Day

Least favourite episode/scene: The End of the World

Rating; 3.5/5 stars


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