Avatar: The Last Airbender, Book 2: Earth TV Show Review

I watched this season straight after watching the first one because I loved it so much. It fitted together so seamlessly that I had trouble differentiating the seasons. Warning that this post may contain spoilers.

In my opinion this season doesn’t seem to be as good as the first, especially when regarding Aang, Katara and Sokka. The story just didn’t seem to be as good when these characters were the main focus, mainly because of the loss of Appa. The episodes where they discuss him and try to struggle onward without him, while good,just aren’t as good as the other episodes.

On the other hand, the development and storyline regarding Zuko, Iroh and the introduction of Azula, is done very well. The focus on these characters, mainly Zuko, almost redeems the series downfall with the heroes. This season really showed the complexity of Zuko and his inner turmoil, something that really improves his character as a whole. Azula’s entrance as the new ‘bad guy’ is also a very welcome addition, as her character is much fleshier than the previous season’s antagonist, Zhao.

Another redeeming feature of this season is the humour, thanks to Sokka. It is a lot funnier than the first season but, despite this, it is also a lot darker. The inevitability of the final battle and, the effects of the war and the Fire Nation are discussed and shown a lot more.

There was also another main character added to the show; Toph Bei Fong. Although I grew to love Toph later on, her initial entrance to the group (which Sokka names Team Avatar) was annoying and I wanted nothing more than for her to teach Aang earth-bending, and then leave. By the end of the season, though, she is shown to be one of the strongest and coolest character of the show. Also, her attitude towards her blindness is highly admirable especially because she doesn’t see it as a weakness.

The set up of the episodes differs slightly. In the first season, the episodes were mainly stand-alone episodes, but in this season, there are a lot more episodes that follow a general backstory and lead on from each other. The “previously on Avatar” sections are actually a lot more important when it comes to understanding the present episodes than they used to be.

Because I didn’t mention this in my first Avatar review I will mention it now; the graphics. They are not trying to make it that they’re entirely realistic and look like it could be real life, but the animation is so good that it makes me feel that if I try the same moves as them that I’ll be able to bend as well 😛  The movements that the characters make actually seem realistic, unlike in other cartoons.

The music is, once again, done by the Track Team and is, once again, amazing. Although, it doesn’t really differ from the music in season one but that’s ok. No need to mess with perfection 🙂

Favourite character: Sokka

Least favourite character: Azula

Favourite scene/episode: Tales of Ba Sing Se

Least favourite scene/episode: The Library


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