Random Questions from a Fellow Blogger

So, last week I was tagged in a post on Blogs-Of-A-Bookaholic along with ten others, which means that I need to answer the questions she set and ask some other bloggers my own questions. I’m going to do things a little differently and tag my good friend on Stefanb33 while asking him questions more specific to him and his interests. Meanwhile, here are my answers to Becky’s questions:

1.) Which book do you think should be adapted into a film that hasn’t been already?
It’s not a single book but a trilogy; the Guardians of Time trilogy by Marianne Curley. The first book is called The Named, the second is The Dark and the third is The Key. I think it would be perfect as a movie but unfortunately it’s not very well known (probably because it’s written by an Aussie) so it hasn’t been yet. I think it would be a great movie mainly because it doesn’t have many speaking explanations, instead things are shown and there’s a lot of action going on all the time that could easily be put into a film. I will review this awesome trilogy sometime in the future and force you all to read it 😛

2.) Which classic are you too scared to read/keep putting off?
Pretty much all classics. I read the start of Little Women and didn’t like it at all so I’m sort of… avoiding classics for the time being. There are only some like Sherlock Holmes and The Lord of the Rings that I’ve read and actually enjoyed.

3.) Sam or Dean Winchester? (Show Supernatural)
I don’t watch this show but I’ll say Dean because there’s a Dean in Harry Potter… Or maybe Sam because of Samwise Gamgee in The Lord of the Rings…?

4.) Do you think the paperback will become extinct and be fully replaced with the Kindle?
Never! I will not live to see this terrible decline! See my Books vs. E-books rant to see why!

5.) Have you ever had an experience with the paranormal? E.g Ghosts, aliens etc.
Well, I believe in angels and demons so, kind of. I haven’t actually experienced anything myself, though.

6.) Your least favourite genre to read?
Anything that could actually happen in real life. I just find them boring. Especially books about self-discovery and nothing else. I just feel like with these books I could ask a random their life story and get a story more interesting. One of the few authors whose books I can read in this genre is Jodi Picoult’s.

7.) Who’s biography would you consider reading?
Really tricky… probably CS Lewis’s or JRR Tolkien’s. I’d love to hear about their ideas of fantasy, Christianity and their friendship.

8.) The best birthday present you’ve ever had?
Also very tricky. One of my best recent birthday presents was a stuffed Totoro given to me by one of my friends ❤ He’s so cute and awesome!

9.) Your opinion on Shades of Grey? (Whether you have read it or not.)
I haven’t read it but from why I’ve heard (from reliable, book-reading sources of mine), it sounds trashy and poorly-written.

10.) Your favourite place to read?
Anywhere quiet. I don’t really take much notice of my surroundings when I read because I’m so captivated by the story (and sometimes the world) that I’m reading. I’ve always wanted to read a book on a warm Summer’s day, leaning up against a big tree and sitting on the ground by myself. Or on an old, wooden swing hanging from one of the tree’s branches.

11.) Which books from present day do you think has the potential to become a classic 50/100 years down the line?
Harry Potter for sure, it’s captivated millions and is a great story for all ages. Plus, this generation of Harry Potter fanatics with definitely read it to their children so it means that it will at least be passed down one generation. I will be one of those parents.

Now my questions for Stefan;

1. What is your favourite game for a kick of nostalgia and why?

2. Is there a song/band/singer you used to love but now hate?

3. What game could you never give away, throw out or sell; no matter how many times you’ve played it?

4. What is your most prized possession?

5. What made you want to start blogging?

6. What is your least favourite movie?

7. What has been the best moment in your life so far up to this point?

I’m really looking forward to seeing your answer to these questions!

I also have some very exciting news! A few years ago I started writing a book but then got destracted with Year 12 and university, homework etc and stopped writing it… But just recently I started writing and editing it again, yay! It’s a fantasy set in Melbourne, Australia, but that’s all I’m giving away for now.


One thought on “Random Questions from a Fellow Blogger

  1. beckyday6 says:

    Thanks for answering my questions! 🙂 Some great answers as well, I’ve never heard of the Guardians of Time….intriguing!

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