Media Wars Podcast Review

A few friends of mine put this podcast together, with its creator being Nathan, and it was he who suggested I review his podcast after his less-than-flattering review of my blog. He created the podcast for a TAFE course he is doing.

Media Wars is a weekly podcast with three presenters (Nathan, Bartek and Rhys) who discuss and review both old and new games, TV shows, movies and music. My opinion of the podcast is probably a bit bias because I know the presenters and, the people and events that they refer to, but I think it’s pretty good.

As far as content goes they discuss a wide variety of topics, a lot of which don’t tend to fall under the category of multimedia. The good thing is that no matter what you enjoy, there will be at least one segment of this podcast that you will enjoy. Each presenter has their own section and introduce topics but all three discuss them. When it comes to movies, however, they tend to mention a lot of spoilers, but they always tell you when they’re going to so you can fast-forward. They talk about the multimedia that has just recently been released as well as those that were released many years ago.

There is a lot of humour in the podcast as well which I love. I can’t really tell you what kind of humour it is, though. It’s the sort of joking you get when you meet up with a few friends and just have fun. Despite the structure, there is a very casual feel about the podcast. It feels like you’re just listening to a conversation between friends, which I quite enjoy about it. But, just like with friends, some of the facts they give aren’t always 100% accurate.

Another warning before you watch it, they tend to swear sometime, so if you can’t stand swearing, this probably isn’t the podcast for you. Also, it’s definitely not appropriate for younger children.

They’re a fairly new podcast so they haven’t done many episodes yet, some weeks have also been skipped because of illness, but when presenters other than Nathan go missing, they sometimes bring in guests to speak in their place.

You’re probably wondering why I’m giving Media Wars such a positive review when Nathan very obviously insulted the very blog you’re reading. The reason is that I like it, and Nathan’s not really the reading type. So check it out, it may be the next podcast you subscribe to.

Rating; 4/5 stars


4 thoughts on “Media Wars Podcast Review

  1. beckyday6 says:

    Insulting your blog! Tut tut! What did he say exactly? Do I need to come over there? *rolls up sleeves*

    Sounds like a lot of fun.

    P.S. In case you hadn’t guessed – I LIKE your blog, it’s GOOOD. Haters gunna hate. (I’ve always wanted to use that phrase lol 😛 )

    • mandarox says:

      Haha, thanks for the self-esteem boost.

      He just said something along the lines of he only really likes funny things, and my blog’s more informative than funny.

      Also, the other presenters defended it, so it’s ok 🙂

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