Twilight Movie Review

I first watched this movie soon before it came out when I was truly obsessed with the series. Despite this, after a few days, even I could see how truly bad the movie was. The movie does have some redeeming points, though not many. Warning that this post may contain spoilers.

Twilight was directed by Catherine Hardwicke, written by Melissa Rosenberg and released in 2008. It was distributed by Summit Entertainment.

First off, the film uses a green lens which gives every scene (except for the one at the very start) a green tinge. This was not a good idea. Mainly because it gave the whole movie a dull and gloomy feel. It doesn’t set the right mood for the film. Being a romance, Twilight should have been filmed in a warmer tone, instead of the cold tone of a horror. The overall green effect may have been what the director wanted, to make Forks appear exactly as Bella described it, but some things are better changed. The green lens also makes almost every member of the cast look just as pale as the Cullens do, which is the complete opposite of how the novel described it.

Then there’s the script which not even a good actor could make work. It made every scene in the movie feel awkward and made the audience (or at least one member) feel embarrassed to watch. This awkward feeling can act as a form of humour in some movies but in Twilight it didn’t. The special effects were also deplorable, people walking really fast do not look like they’re riding on a carpet and what’s supposed to be a growl, does not sound like a hiss.

It’s amazing! She’s smiling!

The acting is quite interesting. There are actors such as Ashley Greene (Alice Cullen), Nikki Reed (Rosalie Hale) and Billy Burke (Charlie Swan) who have done quite well and were able to show some of their skills. Then there were actors like Kristen Stewart (Bella Swan); expressionless, annoying and altogether terrible. Even fans of the series hate Stewart’s horrid acting skills.

The score was written by Carter Burwell, and although it didn’t really fit in with the movie, it’s quite good as stand alone music. It rejects the traditional orchestral strings and brass and replaces it with electric guitars and bass. Despite this, Bella’d Lullaby (a song every fan of the series was eagerly awaiting) was done pretty well. One other song for the film is here:

Twilight fans may be glad at the fact the movie does not divert from the novel very much, but it is simply a bad movie. The novel was much better.

Favourite character/portrayal: Charlie Swan (Billie Burke)

Least favourite character/portrayal: Bella Swan (Kristen Stewart)

Favourite scene: When James is searching for Bella

Least favourite scene: Every scene with Bella 😛

Rating; 1.5/5 stars


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