The Last Days Book Review

Shortly after I read Peeps, I read this novel as it is the sequel that could almost be a stand-alone book in itself. It was recommended to me by the same friend who recommended Peeps. Warning that this post may contain spoilers.

The book as a whole isn’t really as good as Peeps. I think this is mainly because none of the new characters are very likeable. I really wanted to see the old ones but by the time they were seen, it didn’t really turn out the way I thought it would. They just weren’t the same. One of the things that irritates me about the novel is that sometimes Westerfeld writes as though you haven’t read Peeps. He explains things that we already know and tries to add a sense of mystery about things we already understand. Yet, I think a lot of the information in the novel would be missed if Peeps hadn’t been read beforehand to explain it. I don’t know how well The Last Days would work as a stand-alone novel without Peeps as its predecessor.

However, one of the cool things about this book is that every chapter name is the name of a band. This is just one of the quirky things that makes Westerfeld’s novels just a little bit more awesome. Unlike in Peeps, though. Westerfeld’s writing style has changed. He seems to write like he’s actually writing, rather that as if he’s talking like he usually does. This might be due to the constant point-of-view changes.

Weirdly enough, I think the reading experience of this novel is greatly improved when listening to rock music at the same time; especially in the second half of the book. It really helps you escape from the real world and be immersed in the world that Westerfeld has created. Random, but true.

Another awesome things about The Last Days was the sub-plot. Throughout the whole story I really wanted to know about what they would eventually call the band. This kept me very enthralled and I was delightfully surprised at the end when I found out that I had already know the name of the band all along.

The ending is a bit like Peeps. It is a good ending except that it implies a lot about the ending rather than stating it outright and by doing so leaves the ending to make you think that there is still more to come when there isn’t. Overall, the novel needed a more interesting storyline to make it better rather than just an interesting idea, but Westerfeld’s writing style partially made up for this. The story improved as the book went on.

Favourite character: Pearl

Least favourite character: Cal (I liked him is Peeps, but not in The Last Days)

Favourite scene: When the band plays their first gig and the worm rises during it

Least favourite scene: The petty arguments and relationship problems

Rating; 3.5/5 stars


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