Minecraft Game Review

I started playing Minecraft in beta 1.4 because some very persistent friends of mine kind-of, sort-of forced me to. I first played a free version and then I was given the full version by said friends because they were sick of me not being able to play on servers with them. Now, I’m obsessed with the game so I thought I should do a review on it. This post will not contain spoiler because Minecraft doesn’t really have spoilers… except for The End. Oops.

In short Minecraft is the best sand-box style game ever. What you basically do in the game is what the name states; you mine and craft. But there is a lot more to the game than this. It’s sort of a puzzle game when you’re trying to figure out how to make objects on your 3×3 crafting table. It’s a kind of adventure game too, because you have to protect yourself from monsters such as zombies, creepers and skeletons. You can also explore the randomly generated world in which you’ve spawned and find your way to other mysterious worlds such as the Nether and The End. Mining takes a LOT of time but finding diamond for the first time is so worth it (a piece of advice, the first time you find diamond you must use an iron pickaxe to mine it or it will disappear). Minecraft also has a massive creativity element. Once you’ve got a best armour, weapons, tools and items you can get, you can build anything . When you die in the game, you drop everything that you were carrying and respawn at either your spawn point or the last place you slept.

Because Minecraft has only one rule; you can only sleep at night. Other than that, you can do absolutely anything. In creative mode, you can even fly and access any type of block you want. To make the game more challenging, you can play hardcore mode. In this version, the game is set to hard, you usually spawn in a very difficult location and if you die, that’s it. The whole map is deleted.

If you get sick of playing by yourself you can play in multiplayer modes on a server that you have created or someone else’s server. These servers can range from the Minecraft classic (the original version of Minecraft) servers on minecraft.net, PVP (player-versus-player) servers or building, no-grief servers.

Unlike other games, Minecraft is pretty awesome in that you can only buy it online (no wasted money on a middle-man) and it’s updated continuously for free! Now, I’m not talking about small updates like bug fixes. I’m talking about big changes like the addition of pistons or new mobs or weather or new games modes. It’s the game that keeps on giving.

The only downfalls of the game are the extensive amount of time needed to get anything done (like most games) and the fact that if you’re not that creative, you won’t have much to do once you’ve completed the game.

The music is very different from any other game music I’d experienced. It’s entirely classical which starts and ends at random times when playing. It is written by Daniel Rosenfeld also known as C418. It gives a nice ambience to the game when you’re busy mining or building.

Game console: Primary PC but it’s just been released on Xbox 360. Also in the App store but it’s a very early version.

Music: 4.5/5 (I just can’t picture any other music that would work with the game, now)

Graphics: 1/5 (they really are terrible but you can download mods to make them look better)

Gameplay: 4.5/5

Controls: 4/5 (confusing at first, but otherwise good)

Rating; 4/5 stars


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